JVC UX-VJ3 Dual Dock, Build Your Own Apple’s Multimedia Station!

Having stuck or too fan on one brand is not a good thing. You will be afraid to try other brands making your option as tiny as a leaf-size, even if the brand is Apple. However, it’s not bad also counting your trust on Apple as a lot of companies out there are offering a huge of Apple’s accessories. You will have wide range option to modify the function or the appearance of your Apples. One that you should look into is the new dual dock from JVC, UX-VJ3.

JVC UX-VJ3 is specially designed with dual docks and two separated speakers. By placing your iPad on the large space and your iPod or iPhone on the right, you have access to both of your devices either you want to hear your music or watch your videos. Through its 30 watt, a subwoofer, four sound modes, and other audio features which could be controlled by remote control or directly on the panel board, the dock boasts the pure, clean sound of your contents to your ears as well as charging your devices.

As video output and auxiliary audio input are also available, it allows you to connect the dock to your big screen TV or connecting your other devices to share through the dock. Finally, without you even realized you already built your own multimedia station in your tiny room. Plus, you will never wakeup late because JVC UX-VJ3 is also coming with a clock, sleep timer, and alarm.

Fashioned in only white and black color, JVC UX-VJ3 dual dock is expected to be available now for US market in $199.95. [Dandy Gadget Source]