LG D2000 3D Monitor, Glasses-free With Eye Tracking!

No need a 3D glasses is one thing of LG D2000 3D monitor.  Presented by sexy model is the second, but what you should look on this new LG monitor is eyes tracking feature which combined with parallax barrier 3D technology. Through its special camera sensor at top center, it reads your position to adjust the most perfect 3D images to your left and right eyes in real time.

Like others new 3D monitor, LG D2000 is also included with a conversion feature which helps you to convert your 2D to 3D contents. Unfortunately, if you are looking for big screen, LG D2000 is not what you want. It only has a 20-inch screen.

LG D2000 3D monitor is expected to be available in Korean market this month and followed by other countries a month later. Don’t ask me about its price, LG haven’t yet revealed it. Feel free to place comments if you know more about this gadget. [Dandy Gadget Source]