Mpgio Lisse S10, MP3 Player With Gestures Control

This Dandy Gadget: An interesting MP3-player was introduced by MyRacer Company in Korea. That thing is the named as Mpgio Lisse S10. Its main feature was the ability to manage through gestures.

Mpgio Lisse S10 has a compact size – 46x40x11mm and weighs only 22g. Almost all the front surface of the device is the touch-sensitive OLED-display with a 128×64 pixels resolution. Thanks to him, the music can be controlled by gestures. For example, movement of fingers on the left-right and right-left is used to rewind tracks, and the movement of top-down is recognized as the enter.

Mpgio Lisse S10 has 2 and 4 GB built-in memory. And supports playback formats MP3, WMA, WAV and has a menu in 14 languages. The battery provides 150 hours of operation in the playback mode. The player is available in six colors. [Dandy Gadget Source]