New Apple iPod Nano, More Than a Music Player!

Like iPhone 4S and new iPod Touch, new Apple’s iPod Nano is also keeping the form of its previous version. It only brings the software update into the device and redesigned its user interfaces. Now this music player offers 18 clock face design. If you decided to use it as smartwatch,  Surely, one of them will suit your fashion.

Regarding to its main specs, it features a 1.54-inch 240 x 240 pixels color TFT display, FM radio, a headphone jack, a dock connector, accelerometer sensor, a built-in 8GB/16GB and a built-in rechangeable lithium-ion battery. In full charge, the battery supports the device up to 3 hours.  Plus, you can pair it to your Nike+ running shoes to track your running training. So, it’s more than a music player, right?

Fashioned in 37.5(H) x 40.9(W) x 8.78(D) and 21.1g in cute color finish, new Apple iPod Nano is available now in MSRP $129 (8GB), and MSRP $149 (16GB). I love Pink. Pink Your Life! [Dandy Gadget Source]