Philips InEar Headphone, SHE9850

This Dandy Gadget: A new Gadget from Philips, in-ear headphone SHE9850, has motor of the receiver comprises a coil, a metal u-shaped armature and a pair of permanent magnets, as well as a drive rod and a diaphragm which already tested and tuned by Philips iLab to deliver a greater output at lower frequencies while boosting the peaks at higher frequencies. The result is crisp, detailed and transparent audio with extended precision highs.

The SHE9850 earphones Derived from a thorough understanding of the anatomy of a human ear canal, the Angled Acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to individual ear canal shapes. Besides delivering sound directly to your ears, it also creates a perfect seal from ambient noise that enables you to listen to your music at lower volume levels.

The SHE9850 is available in three different sizes (small, medium and large), the interchangeable ear caps ensure a personalized fit for each individual user. They are also made from ultra-soft silicon and slow recovery foam, this pair of sleeves is a comfortable alternative to the rubber ear caps to provide the utmost comfort for prolonged listening.

Philips SHE9850 is housed in superior metal, these earphones are shielded from unnecessary vibration for accurate sound transmission, resulting in smooth bass response and clear mid-to-high-range tones.

Philip SHE9850 include the compact carrying case incorporates a cable bank that Made of high-quality metal with a luxurious touch, which provides an easy solution for neat cable winding and headphone storage. It even includes a storage compartment for the foam sleeves. The hard case exterior also provides additional protection for the headphones when they are not in use.

Moreover,The soft flexi-grip material that the body of the headphone of Philip SHE9850 is sheathed in enhances its performance and extends its durability. It protects the cable connection from damage that otherwise could occur due to repeated bending of the headphone body from frequent contact with the user’s fingertips when being put on and removed.

Dressed in 12m cable length, Philips SHE9850 in-ear headphones is available in MSRP $64.99.