Artistic headphones by Velodyne at PULSE 2013

A headphones is no longer about sound, it’s also about style, that’s what Velodyne has tried to add to all of their headphones, giving true sound while also filling the soul of style into. At PULSE 2013, the company is displaying the meaning of that through their vFree Bluetooth headphones, vTrue studio headphones, vPulse in-ear headphones along with artistic hand-painted skins which created by well-known artists such as Lucas Tracaneros and Francesco Orazzini and other great headphones accessories.

And Velodyne will give free blank headphones skins to their guests. And anybody who sent back their customized skin to Velodyne, he will receive free headphones. Otherwise, he can keep it at home.

Velodyne-vFree-Robin-sexy-model-LEDThe release date and pricing
Velodyne headphones are set at MSRP $99 (vPulse in-ear headphones), $299 (vFree Bluetooth headphones), and $399 (vTrue studio headphones). All models are available now.