New Westone UM PRO live music headphones

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As long as it can reach our goal by free why we should pay, right? However, that line doesn’t work when we are talking about audio monitoring headphones, you need more than price or cost as the main measurement. You need a 50+ years experiences in field, good design, fit-in and comfortable to your ears, easy to use and high technologies, and the new Westone UM PRO headphones are made with those requirements.

With multiple balanced armature drivers, Westone’s True-Fit technologies, sophisticated-lightweight design, new removable audiophile connector and Westone that having 50+ experience in earphone applications, these new headphones (UM PRO 10, UM PRO 20, UM PRO 30) ensures your ears could monitor sound of your music instruments accurately and comfortably.

So, which one is the best? Well, if you need the most accurate and comfort sound monitoring, the Westone UM PRO 30 is your choice. The company said it’s made for performing artist by artist with three-way crossover to provide smooth and balanced mixed sound across all frequency. In other word, it’s a must headphones for your live music or home/studio recording. Meanwhile the UM PRO 20 is energized by a dual armature balanced drivers with passive crossover and the UM PRO 10 is only having a single armature balanced driver.

westone-um-pro-headphones-redThe release date and pricing
Westone UM PRO live music headphones are available now at MSRP USD 179.99 (UM Pro 10), MSRP USD 299.99 (UM Pro 20) and MSRP 399.99 (UM Pro 30). Did I mention it made in US?