Max Virtual Cynaps Hat Headphones – Pros and Cons [CES 2013]

Absolutely, this Max Virtual new Bluetooth headphone, Cynaps, is a very unique headphone If I’m not wrong, it’s the only headphone at market in hat form, by other word, it’s the world’s first headphone in hat form.

Pros : By carrying aid hearing and Bluetooth technology, using bone conduction to deliver sound to inner ear, the Cynaps offers a true-free headphone experience in listening your audio contents – hand free, wire free, and earplug free. Plus, as your ears are not closed by any earplugs, you still can focus to what it’s really happening around, while you are listening to any calls or music. More, it gives you an assurance to avoid unnecessary things on the road while you are biking and enjoying your favorite music at the same time.

Cons: Yes, it enables you to hear any calls or music comfortably in any styles and moments, but not at anywhere. The unique hat is limiting to where you could enjoy your audio contents, not all company permit their employees wearing a hat at office and it’s impossible to use it for moto-biking, right? Even though, Cynaps module can be implanted to another headgears such motor helmet, headband and others, but still, it need skills and time. I’m not so sure you have that skill and time.

Max-Virtual-Cynaps-bluetooth-hat-headphone-bone-conduction-dandy-gadget-headphonesThe release date and pricing
Max Virtual Cynaps Bluetooth headphone is showing its performance now at CES 2013 and is displaying at site. According to site, the Cynaps will be delivered at February 2013 for $50 – full jean hat with Cynaps pre-installed. Hey, they need your support!