Rilakkuma is Still There! Seiko SR-G6001M Rilakkuma Edition Digital Pocket Dictionary

Lalabit Market brings Rilakkuma profile into Seiko SR-G6001M. As you see, it comes with Rilakkuma case. Inside, you will find Rilakkuma wallpaper, Rilakkuma search screen, and Rilakkuma start-up screen. In short, its cutie appearance will make your learning funnier and never get bored to understand foreign words through famous dictionary apps, such Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictonary.

Regarding to its main specs, it sports a 4.0-inch monochrome TFT LCD, a microSD card slot, a 128MB built-in storage, a QWERTY keyboard, 3.5mm earphone jack, and dynamic speaker. Meanwhile, its lithium-ion battery supports up to 25 hours.

As note, it’s a limited edition and it have been available from a month ago. However, when I checked at Lalabit Market site, Seiko SR-G6001M Rilakkuma Edition is still there. If you are a big fan of Rilakkuma and Japanese, you are better get your laptop and order it online for just 39,800 yen or around $510. What is the meaning of Rilakkuma in Italian? [Dandy Gadget Source]