Samsung Player Vs New iPod 2011 — Samsung YP-GB1 Media Player [CES 2011]

I don’t know until right now whether the rumor of new iPod 2011 is true or not. But Samsung already prepared well for the worst condition. New Samsung Galaxy Player with code name: YP-GB1 will ready to bring the battle vs new Apple iPod to next stage.

Samsung YP-GB1 player is the next generation of YP-G50. Unlike its predecessor, YP-GB1 features a bigger screen (4.0-inches touchscreen LCD with 800×480 resolution), a better camera resolution (3.2MP camera) and operated by 1GHz CPU with Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Samsung says this PMP is equipping an enhanced SoundAlive audio for delivering a better clear, and smooth 5.1-channel quality sound in every condition. As always, WiFi, a built-in memory, GPS, microSD card slot, Android market, and Samsung Apps also included to the device.

Coming with more range storage option 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, Samsung will introduce YP-GB1 player at CES 2011 and the releasing in around a month after. The price tag is not confirmed yet.