SATY MP3 Player

This Dandy Gadget: Unlike the others MP3 player, this one is more unique in design and more useful in features. Why? Because The SATY MP3 Player is not just a music player, but it is a your friend. Simple words, SATY MP3-player is quite an interesting device.

There are four reasons why I said that. First, SATY MP3 Player will sing your favorite songs when you are in bad mood, standard MP3 Player feature.  Second, it keep you away from mosquito when you are in outdoor activities, a mosquito repellent feature. The third, Also on board the device is an analyzer of air, which is able to determine the alcohol content in your exhaled air. The last, maybe you are in dark situation, somehow, somewhere, and nothing to be light to show your way, the SATY MP3 Player contains flashlight that could be bring you some hopes.[Dandy Gadget Source]