Sharp AQUOS D Series LCD TV in June 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Recently Sharp introduced 10 new model in AQUOS D Series LCD TV, which contains “Clear Double Speed”, Active Conditioner, and Smooth Image Quality function. That functions offer you  a clear picture while you are watching your movie or video with automatically adjusts contrast and hue in four options big screen: 32″, 40″, 46″, and 52″ with full high-definition 1,920×1,080 resolution. The 10 new models are described in 3 models for 32″, 3 model for 40″, 2 model for 46″ and 2 model for 52″. They have a same specs, only the color of frame and size of screen that space them.

All new LCD TVs are colored by white and black, and added red in 32″ and 40″ model. Likely, the Sharp company guesses that the demand of 40″ model louder than others model,for that he plan to produce 18,000 units per month, is equal to the sum of others.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the white frame neither with red. Why, because we will see our movies in framy, more the white bottom-speaker doesn’t match at all with black and red, I guess. However, thanks to compatible with online video content services, you able to receive multi channel broadcasts and video-on-demand.

sharp_aquos_d_series_new_lcd_tv_tvs_and_home_entertainments_gadgetsThe 10 new Sharp AQUOS D Series: LC-52DS6-B, LC-52DS6-W, LC-46DS6-B, LC-46DS6-W, LC-40DS6-B, LC-40DS6-W, LC-40DS6-R, LC-32DS6-B, LC-32DS6-W, and LC-32DS6-R, will be available in Japan market in 10 June 2009 with still in open price. [Dandy Gadget Source]