Sony NWZ-B160 Super-Bass Detachable Clip MP3 Player

Having two-tone with colorful vivid finish is a good thing of this new Sony B series MP3 player, NWZ-B160. Pretty sure you like it much (like I do). But that’s not the end of the story (it’s only the beginning).

Featuring detachable clip and Bass mode button on its side, you enable to attach the Sony NWZ-B160 walkman to your clothing, belt or bag strap or anything that still on at your body for enjoying your music in great bass deep clear sound. Or it’s also OK if you want to pocket the gadget (but your girl friend will not see your new mp3 player).

Moreover, you only need 3 minutes charging for 90 minutes playback. So, what do you think? it’s a quick charge right? You don’t have to trow your much valuable time just for waiting your pocket gadget being charged.

In addition, the NWZ-B160 MP3 player is designed in USB form. It helps you to easily connect the gadget to your PC. With will be available in 4GB(NWZ-B163F) and 2GB(NWZ-B162F), it’s up to 980 songs approximately you can store to the player.

Dressed in 28g and less than 10cm long, Sony NWZ-B160F is expected to hit market in June 2011. As always, there is no official announcement about its price. Did I say a 3-line baclit LCD display and Zaplin song search technology?[Dandy Gadget Source]