Sony NWZ-S760 Walkman Player

Along together with NWZ-A860 and NWZ-E460, Sony also will reveal S series walkman player, NWZ-S760, or known as NWZ-S760BT. The walkman is coming like what NWZ-E460 has in all specs with adding Bluetooth features on it. So in-box, the wireless and standard headphones will be included.

Unfortunately, at US market Sony NWZ-S760 is going to hit in only two colors black and white. For other cute colors, Sony is planning to display likely just for European market. So, if you are US citizen and want to have other color beside white and black, feel free to complain to Sony US.

Fashioned in 43 x 97.5 x 7.9 mm, and 57g, Sony NWZ-S760 walkman player is expected to hit US market in September 2011 in MSRP $149 (8GB). [Dandy Gadget Source]