Techno Source Rubik’s Slide Toy at AITF 2010

This Dandy Gadget: Do you like a rubik game? I don’t. It always consumes a lot of time. More sometime it makes me a half crazy. Maybe because I am not smart enough. For you, a smart guy or want to be a smart one. Techno Source unveiled a new rubik toy, Rubik’s Slide. It’s an electronic toy that features by vibrant light and sound effects.

As always Rubik, Rubik’s Slide will change the color of its boxes or cubics depending to your twisting or Shifting electronically. The cubic doesn’t move it’s only changing its light colors. One that you cannot find in old time Rubik is You are enable to choosing wheather you want to play free mode as old Rubic, or lighting mode, race again clock with 10 level puzzles. Before you play, set the level of your: easy, medium, or hard. See the goal patern on edges of box.

Techno Source will set to debut Rubik’s Slide at AITF 2010, New York. And it will hit US market in Fall 2010 at $17.99. Don’t give your baby this gadget except your baby has a super brain? [Dandy Gadget Source]