Maxell P2 Card Solid State Memory at NAB 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Offering  large capacity storage and fast file-based workflow for camera recording, non-linear editing and data transmission, Maxell is showing its P2 Card memory at NAB 2009, Las vegas which is expected to be the recording standard of next generation formats, high definition (HD) recording.

Furthermore, its compact design is resistant to vibration, impact, and extreme temperatures,humidity, and up to 30,000 uses without degradation in quality result. It will be a great cost savings, right? More, this one is fully compatible with the Panasonic P2 Series Camera.

The price tag of Maxell P2 Card Solid state memory is not yet announced, maybe you should go to Las Vegas:D.!!! But one thing that sure, the gadget will be available in three sizes, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  [Dandy Gadget Source]