The Most Innovative Portable Speaker at CES 2012! Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass Transforming Robot

It’s really fantastic, remaining me to my favorite movies, the Transformer. This new Tosy portable speaker, mRobo Transforming Robot, is the most innovative speakers at CES 2012. What do you think?

It’s not because he has cute robot form, it’s not because Justin Baber was there or Allison Hagendorf was also there is making me to judge the most innovative speakers. it has abilities beyond other common speakers. It does not only play your music, but also listening to it. When it hears your songs, it will play a good dancing to tear all of your sadness. Just give him a signal from your remote control, it will show you his performance.

Regarding to its main specs, this battery-powered robot features a 2GB built-in storage for keeping up to 500 songs. You can store your music via USB port into this robot. Plus, it can also roll with other devices through Bluetooth.

Fashioned in 4.3 (W) x 6.3 (L) x 7.9 (H)-inch in speaker form, Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass Transforming Robot is expected to hit market in fall of 2012 for MSRP $199.00. It’s the most innovative portable speaker at CES 2012, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]