Toshiba DB-EA4D Desktop Barcode Printer, 2- Sided Labeling!

There are so many ways to reduce the cost product. One of them is by reducing the consumable of the label paper. Toshiba DB-EA4D, 2-sided direct thermal printer, which enables to print on both sides paper surely will cut the consuming of papers by half. Directly it pushes your cost products lower.

Plus, Toshiba DBEA4D printer offers a wide range media configuration. You can choose between roll, fanfold, or single cut sheet as you wish and easy operation with auto feed function as well. In addition, the printer features 104 mm maximum width, 547.8 mm maximum length, 6 ips max speed, and 203dpi resolution.

Fashioned in 237 (H) x 240 (W) x 226 (D) mm in black finish, Toshiba DBEA4D desktop barcode printer is available now.  The price tag? I don’t have information about it, sorry. [Dandy Gadget Source]