Toshiba Glasses-Free 3D REGZA LCD TV

Back to Japan. Toshiba has announced its Glasses-Free 3D REGZA LCD TVs in GL1 series, 12GL1 and 20GL1 which are designed in sleek and elegant form. Both gadgets are expected to hit Japan market in December 22 2010, tomorrow.

The 12GL1 3D LCD TV features a 12-inch LCD display with 466 x 350 resolution, LSI image processing, headphone jack, HDMI input, USB jack, Lan terminal, and SD memory card. While in remote standby mode, the device only consumes 46W. Compacted in 33.7cm × 5.2cm × 27.2cm without stand, the gadget is expected to market in around $1430, respectively.

Meanwhile the 20GL1 contains a 20-inch LCD display with 1280 x 720 resolution  and powered by  “Cell Broadband Engine” combined with “glass-free 3D Cell Regza only”. Thanks to USB jack, you can download or record the movie to an external USB storage: external HDD, or USB flash drive. Toshiba costs you around $2860 for the device.

A 3D glasses TV? That’s an old fashion, bro.