New Sony DAB/DAB+/FM Digital Portable Radios

At the time when radio is already included in other gadgets such as smartphone, tablet PC, or others, do you still need a standalone radio? Please, don’t answer the question because this is not a survey.

Although your answer is “no”, Sony has its own reason to judge that people still love a standalone radio. That’s why, the two new sleek radios are planned to be at your near stores, Sony XDR-C706DBP and XDR-S16DBP.

Sony XDR-S16DBP comes with a retro design, natural wood cabinet in classic style in 270(W) × 140(H) × 112 mm(D) dimension. It likes Sony is trying to take you back to moment when radio was in high status. For sound, the two 0.8W stereo speaker which is coupled by mini display, the gadget will send a clear stereo sound and a clear readout of channels and programs.

Assumed that you like a radio and you hates much classic things, the XDR-C706DBP is the right gadget for you. A clean, elegant design and coupled with large, clear LCD to display the time, and featuring 4 alarm, sleep timer, and snooze button, the gadget shows a modern lifestyle of compact radio in 192.5(W) × 92.6(H) × 87.7 mm(D) dimension and 455g mass. However, it only has a 0.4W speaker.

Classic or Modern? You don’t need to rush to decide it because Sony didn’t tell yet about the release date and price. [Dandy Gadget Source]