We Want to Grow, What Mobile as the First Step!

Since 2009 we already posted articles for you around gadget world, now we feel we need to grow, and we want it to grow. As the first step, we take the cellphones category of Dandy Gadget to the new blog: About Mobile. From now to next, the cellphone news will be focused more on About Mobile.

We did it on purpose and for good reasons. The first, we guess the cell phone world will come to more crowded from time to time. It needs a dedicated space to cover all of their coming news. The second, we want to keep Dandy Gadget as the gadget blog. In the case, there are so many cell phone news coming, and we posted all of them, the Dandy Gadget will look like a cellphone blog, not a gadget blog.  The last, it is for the phone holic, we want to say hello to them in a special way.

With the same reasons, we will also launch two more blogs at future time, “About Car” and “About Watch”.

Hopefully, you will love them as much as you love Dandy Gadget, or even more. Have a good day, and do not forget your coffee!