A Perfect Day According to Lou Reed? Klipsch Lou Reed X10i Signature Edtion Headphones

Do you wonder what kind of a perfect day Lou Reed wants? It’s not hard to guess, he is a legendary rock musician and a fan of Klipsch also, of course, listening rock songs using Klipsch headphones or playing his guitar all day long, trying to find some inspiration about life, is a perfect day for him.

Luckily, Lou Reed will share his perfect day with you by teamed up with Klipsch in making new headphones, Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition. It, according to Klipsch and Lou Reed, delivers clear-depth stereo sound from your iPhone/iPod /iPad to your ears smoothly.

Plus, it also comes with premium-luxurious appearance, bringing the perfectness of black, gold and violet colors combination, with comfortable earbuds. Indeed, this new headphones dandify both your ears and your lifestyle.

Klipsch Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition headphones are expected to be available for pre-order in December 2011. Unfortunately, Klipsch didn’t mention about the price tag and the exact date. However, there is good news for you; the company will give a free autographed Lou Reed CD for the first 50 online orders. When does the first online order take time? [Dandy Gadget Source]