Astro A30 Valentine Headset

Is Valentine going to pink or heart painting? I don’t know your answer, but Astro thinks yes it’s. That why Astro offers you special speaker tags for your Astro A30 headset that is decorating with artistic hearth painting in black and pink color.

For you who doesn’t know about Astro A30 headset, I will decribe the gadget shortly. Astro claimed that the gadget is the best cross-gaming, mobile sawy headset on the market today.It’s containing Dual Mic system and interchangeable speaker tags. Also equipping three audio cables for easy connection to a variety of mobile devices. If you don’t like the wire system, you can connect the headset to Wireless MixAmp 5.8.

The pricing of Astro A30 headset is $129.95 with speaker tags. You can buy the speaker tags alone for about $19.95. Your darling love musics or games? This headset is a perfect gift for her. [Dandy Gadget Source]