Be Fan of KOOKY KLICKERS: Collectible Pens

This Dandy Gadget: KOOKY KLICKERS is the innovative and fun collectible pens. Nowadays KOOKY KLICKERS’s popularity is growing fast among kids. The device make kids more fun in drawing and writing. It could be because each Kooky has a uniquely named, numbered and released in limited “Krews”.

Some issued said some schools have banned Kookys from campus because kids are interrupting class time with Kooky time (talk about their Kookys). Is this realy happen? I don’t know either. But, related to each Kooky character pen is designed with different colors, body artwork and hair and each has a unique name such as “Pizmo,” “Spyro,” or “Izzi,” and a birth order number and holographic sticker on the back, the issued  could be true. Which one is your favorite Kooky?

Kooky Klickers collectible pens are sold at independent and national specialty retail stores across the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $3 – 5 each. [Dandy Gadget Source]