Does Apple iPod Nano Copy the Nokia Lumia 900’s Design?

Have you already hear about the latest Apple iPod Nano? I guess, you have. I want to tell you a little secret about this gadget: it has some kind of relationship with Nokia Lumia 900 (the second image). I’m not crazy, yes, it is about two different devices, one is a media player and the other is a smartphone. However, when taking a good peek, you will realize that both of them have similar design with so close in color combination, right?

Does new iPod Nano copy the Nokia Lumia 900’s design? I’m not so sure, I believe Apple have a good explanation on it. To me, it’s common for companies tend to follow the trend. More, the design is also advised by the genius-voice-assistant SIRI, right?

Either copy or not copy, it’s still an interesting device. This new gadget is coming with bigger screen compared to the old version, a 2.5-inch 240 x 420 multi-touch screen, twice taller body, but slimmer. Surely it gives you more fun in browsing your album art, photos, videos, or your music. It also features 16GB built-in storage, Bluetooth 4.0, Nike+ support, lightning connector and so on.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in seven eye-catching colors, new Apple iPod Nano is going to hit market US market in October 2012. Its pricing is $149. You should pre-order now for free shipping. I love blue!