Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D V3 Glasses-Free 3D Digital Viewer, the World’s First!

Coming with HDMI input, new Fujifilm 3D digital viewer, FinePix Real 3D V3, enables to display 3D still images and videos from HDMI-enable devices such Smartphone, Blu-ray, and cameras on a 7.2-inch 800 x 600 pixel 3D lenticular display with naked eyes up to 720p HD video resolution. It, according to Fujifilm, is the world’s first 3D digital viewer with HDMI input.

Watching 3D movies on such compact size surely will bring a new experience, but with a little worry about the 3D quality at some distance, more, it is a glasses-free. Whatsoever my concern, it’s made by Fujifilm, right? In addition, this new 3D digital viewer sports a 512MB built-in storage, a SD/SDHC memory card slot and a built-in stereo speakers.

Packed in 188.8(W) x 153.5(H) x 28.2(D)mm and 415g (including stand), Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D V3 3D digital viewer is going to hit Japanese market in November 12,  2011, still in open price. Did I mention USB port and remote control? [Dandy Gadget Source]