iFrogz Animatone Headphones, 2012 Christmas Gift for Your Kids!

Christmas moment is going to start soon. If you belong to people who celebrate this moment, be Santa of your kids for this 2012 Christmas by giving this new iFrogz Animatone headphones.

Please, do not worry that your kids will not love it. This Animatone headphones, either in over-ear headphone model or earbud model, are purposely made for kids. The fun-cute colors with animal art painting on both models guarantees your kids will make them as their most loved gadget. More, the package is also so cute. Even, your kids don’t know how to use it, how to enjoy sounds, it’s still a fun toy to play with.

Other thing that should be mentioned, these new headphones is designed for delivering safe sound to your kid’s ears by limiting the volume to not over 85dB in avoiding unnecessary problem related to their hearing.

In term of specs, the Animatone over-ear headphones sports 30 mm neodymium driver unit and 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. Meanwhile the Animatone earbud comes with 9mm neodymium driver unit and 20Hz to 18kHz frequency response. Both models features 1.2m cord length and 16 ohms impedance.

The release date and pricing
iFrogz Animatone over-ear headphone goes on sale at stores in three models: green turtle, red lady bug, and blue snail for MSRP $24.99, while the Animatone earbud, for now, is only available in one model, green dear, for MSRP $19.99. See, it’s not too difficult to become a Santa for your kids, right?