iPad for Your Child, Vtech Pixo Animated Reading System

This Dandy Gadget: It’s a shinny to picture a title like above. By the way, Vtech Pixo is operated by finger touch as iPad does. The size also is not quiet different. Using this gadget will faster the reading skill of your child with no boring at all. The animated story¬† is fun enough to deep will of your child in capture any new vocabulary.

Watching the game, reading the story in the Pixo reading system is a wise guider for your child how to read. You only prepare a 4AA batteries and turn the game on. This gadget is best for 3-7 ages and will be available in Fall 2010 at Canada Market and could be demonstrated at Canada Toy and Hobby Fair 2010. Don’t forget to ask the price!¬† [Dandy Gadget Source]