Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport e-Bike Now in US

This Dandy Gadget: As one of Europe’s largest and known-well bicycle brands, Kalkhoff is presenting its electric bicycles, e-Bike to you in United State. Along others, Pro Connect Sport e-Bike is a perfect tool to be your daily sport friend. Tailored using high-performance 250W Panasonic pedelec drive with brushless motor, Magura HS33 hydraulic Evo2 rim brakes, and Magura HS33 Evo2 brake levers effort a superior hill climbing.

As the best electric bike in the world, Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport e-Bike is designed with high-end aluminum so you will be easier to bring this thing on. Its technology enable you to set freely how much effort you wish to exert in any given situation, either you want fast, medium, or slow. When you set the value, electric motor supplies the right amount of supplement power to pedal according to data that send by sensor combining with your power its self to pedal and goal which you set.  You can push this dandy gadget up to 26 mph.

kalkhoff_pro_connect_sport_e_bike_sport_gadgetsKalkhoff Pro Connect Sport e-Bike is available now in US with three size option (large, small, medium), two color option(silver, palermo silver matte) and only in Diamant frame for $3,999 price tag. Do you like sport? Do you want to relax? [Dandy Gadget Source]