Nike Zoom Kevin Durant 1 (KD1) Shoes

This Dandy Gadget: Do you love Basketball? Do you know well Kevin Durant? Yes or no, I don’t care, sorry. If you are a fan of Kevin Durant, The Nike unveiled the first signature shoes of Kevin Durant with brand, KD1.

nike_kd1_shoes_sport_gadgetsDesigning by talking a personal journey through Durant’s life, This KD1 seamlessly integrate superior performance with personal design touches of Kevin Durant. As result, KD1 shoe is designed in a lighweight, well-cushioned and sleek men’s basketball shoe. It’s represent Kevin Durant as small forward that need a lightweight shoe to advocate his quick sprint. Added also storytelling elements such as: a postage stamp on the left tongue pictured Kevin Durant’s mother that works in post office, symbols and numbers on the left outsoule represent location meaningful to Kevin Durant, and others.

The KD1 is already on US now at MSRP $88. Are you really a fan of Kevin Durant??? Did I mention Nike’s Logo on the shoes? [Dandy Gadget Source]