Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen, Never Miss Your Important Note!

When I was a student, my note is always lost, either by me or my friends. So, at that time, I had a little problem to re-learn my subjects. Now you don’t have to through like what I experienced, Livescribe Sky WiFi smartpen is here for you. It keeps your note in three storage: directly on your paper like normal pen, record your handwriting and audio files to its built-in storage, and directly send the recorded files wirelessly to your Evernote account.

With those three storage, you will never miss your important note. You might lose your notebook, or even your Sky smartpen, but your note is still there in a safe place, your Evernote account. More, you enables to open and re-learn your recorded subjects on tablet or laptop from wherever you are as well as share it to your friends.

The release date and pricing
Livescribe Sky WiFi smartpen is available now at and other partner stores in three size storage: 2GB ($169.95), 4GB ($199.95) and 8GB Pro Pack ($249.95). the $249.95 price tag of 8GB Pro Pack includes Livescribe smartpen portfolio and one-year subscription to Evernote Premium. Have you ever lose your important note?