Minox Device For Spying

This Dandy Gadget: Being a spy, its the dandy part? sneaking, peeking, or recording to take an important information for you or your client is really hard work to do. Since we must still unrecognized by our target and take as much as we can the information quickly, the thing that we need is complete spy devices. MINOX provides you spy devices in several great “spy” accessories to go with the new Digital SpyCam (DSC).

minox_digital_sunglasses_camera_glasses_spy_gadgets_gadgetsSo, if you want to spy, prepare your self with these vary Minox Spy devices: digital belt camera, digital pen video camera, and digital sunglasses camera. The digital belt camera with the micro-optics in belt buckle helps you to take photos secretly.  Meanwhile the Digital Pen Video Camera on your pocket could record any action around you with quality sound via a high-power microphone that is integrated in the chrome-plate clip. The last one is the digital sunglasses camera with micro-photo camera that is integrated into one of the earpieces and is operated by a remote control with MP3 features, you will never get boring in talking an images secretly.

For perfectness of your spying, MINOX will launch a new Sunglasses Spy soon with excellent UV protection for your eyes.

Here is the price of them:  $299 (digital belt camera), $199 (digital sunglasses), $199 (digital pen video camera) and $39 (Sunglasses Spy). [Dandy Gadget Source]