New Logitech 4TB External Hard Drive with Smart Cooling, LHD-EG40THEU3F!

Coming with 4TB capacity, 7200 rpm, and Copy Drive Ver.4 Lite Revolution HD software, this new Logitech external hard drive, LHD-EG40THEU3F, is a good choice for you who always share your large data around. You don’t need to think twice in storing any data on it, just simply by connecting it to your computer or TV through USB 3.0 or eSATA interfaces.

Plus, this new gadget also features smart cooling, a 40mm cooling fan. If the temperature exceeds 46 degree, the fan will automatically spin its wings to cool the device.

The release date and pricing
There is no information yet about it will go to US market. Based on the press release, Logitech LHD-EG40THEU3F 4TB external hard drive is already available now at Japan in 39,800 yen or around ($499.99).