New Sony ICD-SX700D Digital Voice Recorder

This Dandy Gadget: At glance, there is no different with Sony ICD-SX700. But as the code name is ICD-SX700D, D behind, it means this device has something new, right? Yeap, the design and layout is same, while Sony ICD-SX700 bundled with Sound Forge Software, this gadget bundled with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. It’s only about software.

I don’t need to describe specs of  new Sony ICD-SX700D digital voice recorder because is similar with ICD-SX700. Contained with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, this gadget aims for dictation, converts your voice to text. it’s available now with price $199.99, $50 just for voice to print speech recognition software? [Dandy Gadget Source]