Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, Color Your Life!

Bringing something new and fresh to your eyes in playful colors, Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset surely makes your attention to explore more on it, right? Again, it’s not only about colors. This upcoming Nokia’s Bluetooth headset is coming with a unique design, holder and headset.

The holder and headset are destined to be a couple. Both of them have their own Lithium-ion Polymer battery. It needs 1 hour and half to get full condition for holder and 1 hour for the headset through microUSB port. The headset serves 2 hours talk time. And when you need to continue your talking, just plug into the holder and the headset will absorb the power of the holder for up to another 6 hours talk times. No need to worry about the sound level, this upcoming Bluetooth headset automatically adjusts the volume level for you.

It also supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and NFC.   Plus, it allows you to connect to two devices at the same time.  Hey, there is also voice prompts which can tell you the current condition of your battery and whether your phone and headset already paired or not.

Fashioned in 24(L) x 25.31(W) x 26.36(T) mm with 5g for headset, and 48.87 (W) x 48.98 (W) x 29.95(T) mm with 18.3g for holder, Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset is expected to hit market in Q4 2011 in MSRP EUR 69 or around $95 in five eyescatching colors: fuchsia, cyan, green, white and black. Is $95 affordable enough for you?  Color Your Life, Color Your Spirit! [Dandy Gadget Source]