The Illuminated Headset! SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue Headset

I’m not a teenager, but still the stylish design always takes my look. This new SteelSeries headset, Siberia V2 Frost Blue, comes with stylish-clever design. It has an adjustable over-the-head and retractable microphone. In short, it provides the most comfortable room to send or receive the sound.

If you are concerning the fashion on the headset, I bet you will love the 16 Super Bright LED around ear cups with 6 different modes that you can customize with so many ways. It will give you a good look, although you can see it by yourself.

Meanwhile, for the audio performance, the 50mm drive with SteelSeries technology through an advanced built-in sound card andcovered by grey leather cushions, the top-clear quality sound with near-zero noise is guaranteed by this new headset to be there with customizable equalizer setting.

Too bad, I didn’t get any information about the pricing and the availability. SteelSeries only said, the Siberia V2 Frost Blue headset is expected to hit market in Q2 2012. Did I mention volume controller on the cord?