Two Beautiful Gundam Bikes, RX-93A and MSN-100

This dandy gadget: Need a gadget for your pleasure time? Lalabit Market over you beautiful Gundam bikes, RX-93A and MSN-100.

Both RX-93A and MSN-100 bikes have the tires on the best 20-inch seat the usual type of employment and comfortable running a slick tire to absorb the shock front suspension system which have 6 stage of gears.

Moreover, RX-93A and MSN-100 are easily removable parts without tools, the compact storage. You can also load in the car, so the best leisure is one.

This Gundam’s things have weight 13kg. RX-93A has white color and MSN-100 has white-golden color. The price is $577.99. Hurry up, Lalabit Market will close ordering at January, 8 2009 and will delivery at March 2009.