Vita, Vista, and Sony PlayStation Vita Gaming Console

Vita..Vita..Some said it’s a dumb name for new gaming console. Yes, it looks like Vista without S (success), meanwhile Vista itself on Microsoft has bad fortune, right? Well, I don’t agree with those, because Vita remains me to the top 5 prettiest girls on my campus when I was still there.  I like Vita as well as I want to see this Sony PlayStation Vita right away at stores near me.

Back to the console, this new PlayStation handheld gaming is compacted like pervious PSP, but it comes with cleaner front face, two dual analog sticks, dual cameras, a 5-inch OLED touch screen and dual touch panel (front and rear). What does the rear touch panel for? Don’t ask me! I have not touch yet this gadget. If you know more about this gadget, please let’s me know, ok.

According to Sony, there will be a ton of games to serve PS Vita, some ready and some under development that span may different genres. At end, you don’t want too far from this handheld gaming. You will love this device and want to play many games more and more at anywhere, right? That’s not a problem, there is a hole for a strap, you could necklace this console to wherever you want to go. Plus, it also provides you with your favorite social network such, FaceBook, Twitter, and so on to stay connected with friends.

I don’t know this is a good news or bad news for you. Sony PlayStation Vita is going to hit Japan first in December 11, 2011 and followed globally in February 22, 2012 including USA in MSRP 249.99(WiFi) and MSRP 299.99(3G/WiFi). Let’s the Japanese play buggy games first, right? I miss my Vita. [Dandy Gadget Source]