Kingston Wi-Drive Pocket Wireless Hard Drive, Expand Your Apple’s Storage!

It eases the pain of your Apple’s storage problem. The Kingston Wi-Drive serves your iPod, iPhone, and iPad an external storage in 16GB or 32GB more. Simply by just connect them through the Wi-Fi.

You enable to do this and that to the Wi-Drive’s contents directly from your Apple devices, whether you want to stream videos, or play your musics. More, the gadget allows up to three users simultaneously to access its contents. If you want to upload your PC files, the USB interface should help you well.

Fashioned in sleek elegant black finish with 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm dimension, the Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless storage is expected to hit US market in late June 2011 for MSRP 129.99 (16GB) and 174.99(32GB). Did I mention 4-hours rechargeable battery?  See it at Computex Taipei 2011 [Dandy Gadget Source]