MLB Fathead Tradeables

This Dandy Gadget: To bring the real passion of Real.Big.Fathead experience to a a new size, the Fathead unveiled the Fathead Tradeables which is designed in 5×7 inch. The MLB Fathead Tradeables invites you to “Pell ’em, Stick ’em, and Move ’em”. Like the Real.Big., MLB Tradeables are also made with premium vinyl and adhere by a patented low stick adhesive that won’t damage surfaces and are very mobile.

Tradeables will be packaged in sets of five and you will have the opportunity to receive select players from every MLB team and a team logo in each package. MLB Fathead Tradeables are the perfect premium, economically priced gift at $12.99(US). Collect and trade them online at, Do you like Baseball sport?[Dandy Gadget Source]