New Sony DR-BT100CX in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

This Dandy Gadget: Contained Sony’s echo and noise canceling technology,Sony DR-BT100CX in-ear Bluetooth headphones is released. With this gadget you can hear a perfect sound quality via Bluetooth 2.1 standard in listening to your favorite musics or making a phone call. Another benefit, you will not have a troublesome wires.

In addition, this new Bluetooth headphones perform up to 12 hours wireless playback time and features  a finger-tips control to adjust the volume, play and skip music tracks, and accept or reject the incoming call. Thanks to USB connector, you can charge the device through USB port.

Sony Europe said that Sony DR-BT100CX in-ear Bluetooth headphones is already available now, but I searched in all Sony Europe store, and I found nothing….[Dandy Gadget Source]