Yamazen Dental Pecker DP-10 Electric Interdental toothbrush, For Ladies?

Coming in white and pink colors with long lipstick-like design, it’s not so hard to guess that this new Yamazen electric interdental toothbrush, Dental Pecker DP-10, is made especially for ladies. Do men not care about his teeth?

With a 1.5mm diameter of ultra-thin bundled brushes and powered only by 1 AAA 1.5V alkaline battery, it gives the DP-10 abilities to reach every place around your teeth and to spin up to 8,000 round/minute to completely clean your teeth. So, the bad breath odor is no longer your problem, right? Plus, the brushes are washable and very easy to be removed and installed.

Did I mention long lipstick? Yeap, Yamazen Dental Pecker DP-10 interdental electric toothbrush is packed in 167mm lenght with 49g (with battery) and is expected to hit Japanese market in January 2012 in around $64. [Dandy Gadget Source]