Honch PC Casing — The Beast in Beauty

What do you think about thisPC casing? A new PC casing from Honch International Co., Ltd, do you think it’s ugly? Yes, you’re right, I have a same opinion on this case. Absolutely, the casing is far from being what we call a fashionable or dandy thing.

However, what the casing offers us it’s not about its face, its ability,an ability that can save more power energy used, and using also more than 80% eco materials. The Honch said it uses 30% lesser electricity than others casing in the market right now.

How can the casing save 30% of electricity? What is the most part in PC casing that consume a lot of electricity? Power supplies. That’s way, this casing doesn’t use traditional power supplies, it uses a power supply like what notebook has. More, Designed in completely close, it creates no noises and are free from dust and humidity.

In cloud yet about its pricing. I called this casing “The Beast in Beauty” [Dandy Gadget Source]