Panasonic WH-103JZ Dual-Ear Stereo Hearing Instrument

Don’t lets anyone know that you have a little problem with your hearing! this new Panasonic WH-103JZ will ease your hearing problem. Fashioned in music-player-like design, anyone around you will look that you are only wearing a MP3 player.

Furthermore, the WH-103JZ is featuring dual-ear stereo technology with a clear LCD screen and four mode available:standard, theatre, party, and indoor mode. Each mode can simply  chosen by turn the selector and push it. Hence, you will hear any conversation occur in any situation like normal people.

In addition, the gadget also is coming along with docking station. It helps you to place and recharge the power. Well, when you are in condition where the electricity is hard to find, the AAA alkaline battery can be used.

Panasonic WH-103JZ hearing instrument is available in three colors option: blue, grey and red in around $512. [Dandy Gadget Source]