Samsung VC-RM96W Smart Tango Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Smarter!

Having only 79mm height, Samsung VC-RM96W Smart Tango is the world’s thinnest robot vacuum cleaner. So, it can walk to difficult place, such as under your sofa, while others cannot. Not only thinnest, you could also easily bring it from one place to another because it has a compact design with only 3.2kg mass.

Powered by dual processors inside and 12 sensors gives this home appliance ability to do its job accurately, silently (48dB) and fast (0.32m/second cleaning speed) to every corner of your home. I’m not telling you it’s the smartest and fastest robot vacuum cleaner in this planet, but surely it belongs to the top.

Not like other new Smart Tango’s, the VC-RM96W also has an eye, a camera, on its body. Through Bluetooth connection, it can deliver the image to your laptop, PC, smartphone, or other mobile devices. It means you can utilize it as a walking video monitor. More, you can also remotely control this thing by voice.

The release date and pricing
Samsung VC-RM96W Smart Tango robot vacuum cleaner is already available in Korean market at around $750 price tag with two color options: black and silver. Meanwhile, there is no information yet whether it will hit US market or not.